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About Mahaguru

MGI provides Marketing Solutions and takes pride in its roots, we have adapted to the digital marketing age, evolving to a very modern digital technology with deep understanding of branding, content and all traditional marketing disciplines.

With our head office in Bengaluru, Karnataka, we are easily assessable to clients. We have partnered with many of the leading organizations providing end to end Marketing Solutions.

Founded by Mr.Yogesh Poonacha, our focus is to provide Marketing Solutions to our clients with access to services that are aligned to their business. We believe that as a Marketing Partner collaboration with relevant partner companies is an integral part of growth, strategy and global development program for any Company.

We take pride in working with partners who are serious and committed to develop their own business. We provide “One Stop Solution for all the Marketing Needs” starting from building up a Marketing Strategy, Branding, Offline Marketing and Online Marketing.

We specialize in helping the start-up & emerging companies, providing strategic marketing solutions to flourish in their respective sphere . With our expertise, we can add substantial value to your business with the advantage of cost-effectiveness.